traveling again pt. 1: spinning in circles

Once upon a time, I left New York to go back home to Alabama. The thing I dreaded the most? The airport.

If you’ve read some of my previous blogs, you’ll know that I am EXTREMELY directionally challenged. This trip proved nothing different.

I walked into the airport optimistically. I had managed to survive the flights and layover to New York, so the flights and layover back shouldn’t be too bad, right? Wrong. My ability to get lost surprised me in new ways that I had never even imagined.

Let’s start off at the beginning, shall we? I found my way to the check in desk, and managed to check-in without any big problems. However, the problems came and followed me around when I began to look for the security check.

I began walking through the check-in area, searching for a sign or directions (or anything really, I was desperate) to the security check. However, when I came face-to-face with the wall of a dead end, I figured I had gone the wrong way. I quickly re-traced my steps and found an escalator. Elated, I took the escalator down to the floor below and began my walk through baggage claims and rental car kiosks. Unfortunately for me, the baggage claim area was really crowded, and I got pushed around until I fell onto one of the moving baggage carousels (tbh I’m actually really surprised and relieved that the thing didn’t break when I thudded my way onto it). I tumbled about in the moving circle as I struggled to somehow get off. Suddenly, a (very attractive ahaha) male stranger kindly reached his hand out to help me off. When I got my feet back onto stable ground, he joked, “Cutest piece of baggage I’ve ever seen.” I began to laugh, but then I caught sight of the time. I had exactly 30 minutes to find and get through security before my plane began boarding. My happy laugh quickly turned into a nervous laugh and I tossed a “thank you” over my shoulder as I began speed-walking my way over to the information desk for help.

The information desk assistant definitely thought there was something wrong with me when I ran up to her and asked her where the security check was, but she pointed me back up the escalator (it was in the opposite direction that I had been walking in ugh I’m stupid) and I finally found my way over to it. The line (thank goodness) wasn’t long, and only my legs had to be patted down, so I managed to make it through relatively quickly.

Now came the hard part– finding my gate. This airport had two concourses (I know, not a lot, but definitely a lot for a directionally challenged person). I checked my ticket, took a deep breath, and made my way over to Concourse B. Fast-forward about 10 minutes, and I’m running my way over to Concourse A (my actual concourse) and trying to find my gate. Somehow, I managed to find my gate without much trouble and I made it just in time to directly board my plane (#lit who’s a boss).

So now I’m on my way to Washington D.C. for my layover back to Alabama. Fingers crossed that I won’t get lost again!

Soaring through the sky (ohmygoodness I just saw the washington monument),


PS- these pretzels are really salty


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