traveling pt. 2: still lost and hungry, but happy


I officially landed and situated myself in Washington DC’s airport (YAY ME). After I took care of the more pressing matters (relieving my very full bladder and finding water), I was ready to look for my gate (layovers are so lit). I aimlessly walked around (almost out of the airport by accident #whoops) until I found a helpful TV with departing flights and their gates. I snapped a few pictures of the screen (I also accidentally took a couple selfies of myself before I realized that the front camera was on hahahaha I’m observant) and headed out to find my gate.

I was completely lost. Everyone was rushing around, rapidly talking on phones, and herding their children to different destinations. Eventually a kind stranger stopped and asked if I needed help (I had been standing to the side of the crowd with a blank look on my face). He then pointed me in the right direction, and with the help of 2 more good Samaritans, I found my gate.

After memorizing the location and taking a bunch of pictures of the surroundings, I set off to stop my (loudly) growling stomach. Because my flight was from 10 pm to 12:30 am, I knew that I would need to have some coffee to keep myself awake and coherent. Thus, I began to search for a Starbucks. My search became a bit more frantic when I couldn’t seem to find one. In my inner chaos, I managed to stumble upon an airport map (like why didn’t I find this earlier when I was trying to find my gate) where I saw the disturbing news– the airport didn’t have a Starbucks.

The world suddenly shifted and my brain immediately shut down (hahaha because it was working so well before #couldn’tfindthegate). I was shocked. What was I going to do? How was I going to use my free drink reward #goldstatus #wootwoot)????? I immediately called my mom to tell her my earth-shattering news. She didn’t exactly respond in the way that I was hoping she would (she told me to move on and stop wasting time. AUGH BUT STARBUCKS). I quickly took her words of wisdom to heart and headed off to find other food and coffee sources.

Luckily, my sense of direction seemed to be improving, as I managed to find the small food court without much trouble. I strolled through the mini restaurants and immediately lost my cool when I saw it. What was it you may be asking? It was the best thing I had ever seen in my entire life; it was an Asian restaurant dedicated to steamed buns (aka the most delicious things in the entire world). What did I do? LOL I quickly ran over to the restaurant and hopped in line. The line slowly inched forward until it suddenly surged forward, with many of the customers walking away. Surprised, I happily skipped up to the counter and spouted out my order. Unfortunately, the store had officially sold out of EVERYTHING for the day, so I was forced to forage for food elsewhere.

As I dejectedly walked away, I managed to stumble upon a pick your own topping pizza restaurant. Excited again, I jumped in line and began to plan out my pizza in my head. However, my efforts were once again foiled when the restaurant ran out of normal pizza dough. Determined to get some form of food, I asked if they had any other possible pizza doughs. They mentioned that they had a couple of gluten-free pizza crusts available, but that it would cost four dollars more. I sighed and shelled out more of my money, paying fifteen dollars for a pizza for one.

When they finally served me my pizza, I was astounded because the pizza in front of me was smothered in cheese and covered in vegetables, the opposite of what I had ordered (I had ordered a no cheese, meat pizza #lit). Being a not very take charge person, I hesitated to send back my pizza, but I had no choice because I’m lactose intolerant (and I was NOT going to have bowel issues on a plane). When I nervously sent back my pizza and asked for my actual order, they sent me a different pizza with no cheese but still with only vegetables. That’s when I officially gave up and walked back to my gate to eat my kale, cheeseless pizza.

By the time I finished half of my pizza (ew vegetables), it was time to board the plane and I didn’t have time to find a source of caffeine. Luckily, nothing too bad happened to the people surrounding me due to my lack of caffeine, and I somehow managed to communicate politely and attentively to my airplane seat neighbor (the Dr. Pepper I had on the plane might have helped because I honestly have no idea how I managed to do this).

When I finally landed in New York, I pulled out my phone, played “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift, and dramatically walked through the airport with a sense of wonder. I had forgotten earphones so this was slightly awkward, but people seemed to like it and the pilot even smiled at me.

All in all, the journey to New York was a struggle, but it was worth it. Being reunited with my cousins (and parents thank goodness) and exploring the big city has been so much fun, and I can’t wait to see what we’re doing tomorrow.

Taking off (and safely landing),



PPS- jk I have to go back to school in like 2ish weeks and I’m not ready 😥




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