A Note to Myself

Dear Emily,

Don’t give up. It gets better than this. This is temporary pain for future gain. In a few weeks, 4 to be exact, this constant state of worry and stress will be over. You won’t have to wake up at 6 a.m. and stay up late studying. After this, you won’t be constantly living and breathing biology. Furthermore, those pesky nightmares about making the perfect grade will go away. You will be free to walk around without the weight of a ten pound biology book.

The class you’re taking is a weed-out class, but you’re not a weed. You’re so much better. You are the smart, tenacious, brilliant PETUNIA of your dreams. You are a strong, independent woman. YOU GOT THIS.

So what if you’re triggered every time you see a living creature? You now know their taxonomy, and a whole list of random facts about them. So what if you now think of the path your food takes and the enzymes involved in digestion when you eat? So what if you think of the male and female reproductive systems when you listen to “Life’s a Party” by Hannah Montana because you made up new lyrics to help you study? So what if you randomly spout out “fun” facts about plants that you see when you’re walking? So what if you now have huge bags under your eyes and you’re always tense?

All of this will be worth it when you receive your final grade and successfully complete the class. Just remember, you can do this. You’re already more than halfway done with the class. Push through, and the next thing you know, you’ll be happily binge watching High School Musical, lounging by the pool, catching up with friends, and sleeping to your heart’s content.

You’re stronger than you think.



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