I honestly don’t know why I’m writing this post because I eat like a 5 year old and I live off of brownie brittle, chicken nuggets, and potatoes.

Once upon a time I decided to go on a diet. I didn’t really have a plan, though. My philosophy was that if I replaced a couple of chicken nuggets with lettuce, some potatoes with cauliflower, and traded in my brownie brittle for kale, I would turn into a fit and fabulous unicorn. Fun fact: kale tastes yucky, I’m addicted to chicken nuggets (especially the dinosaur ones), and potatoes taste so much better than cauliflower. I lasted two days.

So, what did I do? LOL I gave up. But, seeing all the prime pool weather, I’ve realized that I need to eat better and get rid of my lil’ pouch of goodies on my tummy. (PS- THE FRESHMAN FIFTEEN IS REAL).

Here we go. I’ve decided to start off slow. I’m going to stop snacking on my heavily processed Pop-tarts (I seriously eat like 10 a week) while procrastinating , increase my water intake, and start going to the gym at least 3 times a week. I’m going to do this for a week, and then upgrade my plan for the second week by cutting out sweets (but allowing 1 piece of brownie brittle a week as a treat). For week 3, I plan to start cutting out processed foods like frozen ready meals, sugary breakfast cereals, and all unhealthy snacks. During week 4, I plan on adding more protein like grilled chicken and salmon and adding in whole grains. Finally, I plan on upping my veggie intake during week 5 as the last piece of my plan.

How will I stay accountable? I’m going to be logging everything I eat, and I’ll have my friends to keep me in check. If this works, you’ll probably be seeing a grouchy post from me soon about how being healthy is stupid or overrated :’) .

Sending cautiously optimistic advice,


DISCLAIMER: I’m not a dietitian or qualified to dispense eating/ healthy living advice, but I did anyways. I apologize if my plan/ advice isn’t the best because I mainly pieced together tidbits that I had picked up from friends who had read articles on healthy eating and from Buzzfeed videos (LOL). This is just me putting together a plan that will work for me to get healthy. šŸ™‚

PS: Hit me up with some suggestions on how you stay healthy. I need all the help I can get.


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