Once upon a time, a guy used me to break up with his girlfriend.

I was idly sitting in the student center, slurping the final drops of my chicken and wild rice soup, wasting time before I had to go to the lab. I had already finished my Bio 2 case study, played Webkinz ( yeah I know, but IT’S JUST SO MUCH FUN), and checked my email.

All of a sudden, I hear a commotion. Looking around, I spotted a girl yelling at a boy. Intrigued, I discreetly spied on them over the top of my laptop screen. Lauren (the chick’s name was Lauren) was yelling at her now ex-boyfriend (Tyler) for breaking up with her. Loving the drama, I leaned in closer to watch the story unfold. Lauren’s screeches were getting louder and Tyler looked EXTREMELY uncomfortable. I was enjoying every second of it. All of the sudden, my alarm went off (I had set it so I wouldn’t be late to lab). I quickly silenced it and glanced back Lauren and Tyler anddd thank goodness, they didn’t notice my alarm. The scene continued (#lit).

As I slowly packed up my laptop, I continued listening (Lauren was like butter because she was on a roll. She was tearing Tyler apart and was straight up savage.) I sighed, because I knew I would now have to leave this little drama and go to lab.

However, when I walked past them towards the exit, Tyler grabbed my arm. Lauren, pausing to take a breath, didn’t have time to question him before he blurted out, “Lauren, I’m so sorry I had to do this to you, but I actually broke up with you so that I could be with my best friend.” I was so stunned that I dropped everything– lanyard, vanilla soy latte, jacket, EVERYTHING. Tyler graciously bent down and grabbed my stuff for me, taking time to notice my ID, which was in my lanyard baggie. “Lauren, meet Emily.”

Lauren, looked at me, and then stormed off. I still hadn’t been able to process what had just happened, so I stood there frozen (standinggg frozeennn in this life I’ve choseenn). Tyler looked at me, said “Okay cool. See ya!”, and walked off. My brain couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. I had just been written into the drama, and I was the BAD GUY.

I debated tracking down Lauren and telling her that it wasn’t true, but I figured that she already knew that Tyler was a jerk (and I had no idea where she had gone). Then, my brain started working and I got MAD. Tyler had involved me in his kerfluffle, and hadn’t even said “thank you” or rewarded me for my trouble with a cookie (Triple chocolate gluten free cookie of course) from Panera a few paces away. AUGHH. I only like drama when it doesn’t involve me.

Anyways, I angrily stomped to lab to get rid of the angries and then decided to write a blog post about this experience. Tyler, if you’re out there, just know I’m coming for ya. And as for Lauren, I WAS ON YOUR SIDE.

What can you learn from this post? Boys are stupid. Find one that’s not stupid.

See ya soon,


DISCLAIMER: Okay so not ALL boys are stupid. Only the majority of them are. There are some true gems out there. Go find them.

PS- find a boy who will buy you cookies


College: Hard or nah?

Pffft. Who even studies? Fun fact: I do.

I always get asked if college is hard. My answer? Yes and no. You’re free to do whatever you want with your time, you’re not in school for as many hours per day, and your homework is more spread out. BUT, if you don’t study for tests (especially in weed-out classes), you WILL fail. Also, if you procrastinate on homework until the last minute, you can say sayonara to sleep.

College is not a walk in the park, but it is fun. You’re living down the hall from your new best friends. You explore the city with them on the weekends: finding sketchy taco trucks (the BEST) and almost getting mugged on late night hikes (long story, I’ll explain later). You make lifelong friends and memories here.

You also make many memories stressing out about tests, exams, group projects, etc. Many hours are spent crying, pulling all-nighters, crying again (weed-out classes are stressful), being so tired that you walk into poles, and screaming at picky online homework.

So far, college has exceeded my expectations in every way. It has been harder than I expected (due to pre-med weed out classes), but also more fun than I expected (due to my new friends). One thing I know is true: friends make everything better.

Is college hard?

Final answer: Yes, but friends make it bearable.

See ya soon,


The Trouble with (Maybe) Liking a Boy

Once upon a time, I had boy problems. It’s always so hard knowing what you want.

Does he just wanna be friends, or nah? Does he actually like me? Do I like him? Hmmm I think I like him. OH MY GOSH HE LIKES ME. Crap, do I like him??!!!!!


My friends introduced us. He was easy-going, personable, and a gentleman (IKR YOU DON’T FIND THOSE VERY OFTEN). We were interested in a bunch of the same things, so we always ended up going to different club meetings together and thus, ended up good friends. My friends often joked that we were always running off to do “things” together when we were just secretly post-iting their doors or glitter taping their belongings (lol go get you some glitter tape, it’s the best thing ever).

Fast forward a few pages, and he’s telling one of my best friends that he’s “definitely going to ask me out.” She, of course, immediately tells me about this, and I, of course, immediately begin to freak out.

Fast-forward a week and I’m once again freaking out. However, this time, I’m freaking out because I’m about to hurt him. I had decided that I didn’t want to play with his emotions and encourage something that wasn’t going to happen. Thus, with my index card of prompts and my hours of breaking up with my best friends, I proceeded to accomplish my mission.

He took it really well. After I finished my little spiel, we both started apologizing. Eventually, the situation got unbearably awkward, so we both walked to our rooms. Fast forward a few days and we’re back to our normal friendship, and I went back to ogling at other dudes.

Recently, he’s been back in the city, and we’ve hung out a bit. He was so nice and easy to talk to that it kind of got me rethinking some things (never a good thing). Andddd now I’m torn again.

My solution? I don’t know. I’m still working on it. What do I know? A whole bunch about bryophytes and tracheophytes (I threw myself into studying bio 2 to avoid my boy drama). What advice do I have for you? Take it slow. Become friends first. Get to know him a little bit before you jump headfirst into a relationship with him. If you’re smarter than me, you might just get the boy.

Befuddled by Boys and Feelings,


My Roommate Experience

As the high school seniors graduate and begin to scramble to find a roommate for college, I thought I would share my roommate experience.

Once upon a time, I started my freshman year of college, and made the best friendship EVER.

I anxiously stared at my phone, mustering up the courage to initiate a conversation. Taking a deep breath, I shakily texted, “Hey! I’m Emily! Do you have a roommate yet?” I knew I shouldn’t be this nervous about talking to a potential roommate, but I couldn’t help myself. This person would be living in a little shoebox of a dorm with me for an entire year. From what I had gathered from Facebook, she seemed like a normal person, but you can never really be too sure.

After texting for a bit, we decided to call each other with a few final questions. Potential roomie was really cool and chill! She seemed really put together and she asked some important questions about my sleep schedule and studying habits. I, on the other hand, was not put together. I ended up asking her questions about whether or not she liked Disney, and which Disney princess was her favorite. (I did crack halfway through when I ran out of food preference and Disney questions and google “What to ask a potential roommate?”). Anywhooo, we eventually ran out of questions for each other and officially decided that we were going to room together. (YAYYY)

Deciding to room with Juhee was the BEST DECISION EVER. We immediately bonded over our deep love of food and bad jokes (also I totally asked her if she could see my underwear through my dress about 10 minutes after I officially met her in person, so we broke the ice realll quick). We had midnight feasts where we stuffed ourselves full of junk food, late night fry runs and (super deep) talks, Taylor Swift jam sessions (basically us just screaming the lyrics), and (of course) counseling sessions (with each other of course) about boys and our futures. I taught her to love One Direction and she taught me how to use Twitter (tbh she runs my account). It was like we skipped through the acquaintance and friend stages and jumped directly to besties. Life was fun, and time flew, until it was the end of the semester.

It came out of nowhere. One day, the halls were empty. The next, they were filled with mandatory move out meeting flyers. Juhee and I looked at each other sadly, knowing that the end had come. We had already decided to be roommates again, but we were just realizing that we wouldn’t be able to room together through the summer. However, we were comforted, knowing that we would at least be in the same city as the other.


Some of my friends have had bad roommates and I’ve definitely heard the horror stories, but I still have a bright view on having a roommate. I guess I got really lucky when I stumbled upon Juhee as a roommate. I just wanted to tell you that yes, there are bad roommates out there, BUT there are also REALLY GREAT roommates out there too. I don’t know, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have a roommate like Juhee 🙂 .

PS- We’ve been talking with each other on the phone and our conversations are always at least an hour long ( :0 ) Tbh, I didn’t even know that I could talk for that long.

PPS- We call ourselves ” Juhily ” because saying Juhee and Emily is just way to much work.

PPPS- We found out that the dorm that we’re going to be living in next year has single person rooms that share a bathroom, and we’re low key thinking about knocking down the wall in between our bedrooms so we can have our late night talks. (JK we’re not actually gonna knock down the wall, but we’re working on another plan)

PPPPS- LOL that’s all I got. See yaaaa!


Once upon a time, I moved into my own apartment. It was the summer semester and I was slogging my way through Bio 2 and research. All of the sudden, BAM, my period decided to punctuate itself. I automatically reached for my emergency stash of pads, and breathed a sigh of relief. A couple of hours later, I went to look for the pads that I had packed. Then, the funniest thing happened: I realized that I hadn’t actually packed any pads. As I high-key started freaking out, I realized that I lived a short walk away from a Publix. Thus began my first adult journey: buying my own pads by myself at a grocery store.

As I walked into Publix, I gazed around in wonder. (I freaking love Publix. Their bogo deals are literally the best.) Anyways, I strolled my way down the aisles looking for pads. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find any in the store. As I began speed walking down the aisles again, I began to freak out, wondering if I should ask a worker where the pads were. Alas, all the workers I managed to stumble into were male, so my plan quickly evaporated  (I was NOT about to ask a GUY where the pads were).

Time seemed to fly while I re-walked all the aisles again. I was desperate, wondering if I should just buy adult diapers instead. (Yes, I managed to find adult diapers, but not pads.) Right when I was about to give up and call/cry to my mom, I discovered a woman in my aisle squatting to the lowest shelf and picking up something that looked suspiciously like pads. I cautiously approached. I slowly bent down andddddd…..I OFFICIALLY FOUND THE PADS!!!! In my defense, the pads were on the lowest shelf and I was low key distracted by the smell of cookies. I did a happy little dance and walked myself over to the checkout counters.

When I finally made it back to my apartment building, I raced up the stairs to my apartment, eager to be back in my sparkly wonderland. However, when I was trying to unlock my door, my neighbor (who I was trying to avoid) strolled up to me and began a conversation with me. I internally threw a hissy fit, but I managed to keep it all inside. As he droned on, I began to zone out, UNTIL he asked me what I had bought and reached for my bag. When he peeked inside, he was confused, asking me what “that weird package of packages” was. I nervously replied, “Oh, they’re just cleaning, sanitary thingys.” Quickly wrapping up our conversation, I hurriedly unlocked my door and relaxed as I made a trip to the bathroom with my new purchase.


That’s how my first adult journey went! Hopefully I’ll get the hang of being an adult soon (PLEASE GOD) and be able to buy my own pads without any ordeals. Oh well, at least I have an awkwardly long story to tell 🙂 .

See ya soon,